Thursday, April 8, 2010


On my way to creating a web site, I got distracted and decided to start a blog. I wonder if I should throw a party for this launch. I could make some hats, serve white trash food and provide squirt guns for entertainment purposes – well, maybe not.

In my research on blogging, experts write that blogs should have a theme, similar to what I suggest when teaching my memoir writing classes. Memoir themes can center on several topics such as growing up in poverty, sibling rivalry, a spiritual journey to India or living in Pittsburgh – that last one could produce several volumes.

Just thinking about a theme for this blog gave me a headache and blocked me for the first time in my writing career. So I’ve decided to break all the rules. I’m going to blog on a variety of topics.

What I won’t be writing about: torrid love affairs of married politicians, celebrities and sports figures. I don’t care and it's boring. I also won’t be writing about the San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station’s Unit 2 reactor - I don’t understand it. And one more thing, you won’t see photos of me relaxing in a bathtub surrounded by bubbles, wearing sunglasses and drinking a glass of wine like Jane Fonda has on her blog. It's cute, but really do we need to see that?

As we all know there are no coincidences in life. So from time to time I may write about my daily synchronicities.

My blog also might occasionally include some chatter on politics. Like my daughter, Juli, I too, am a flamin' liberal. Back in the day I was a bra burning feminist, still am, but now I need to wear Victoria’s Secret “Miraculous Push-Up” bra to keep the girls up.

My intent with this blog is to give you some ideas on things to go and do, books to read, quotes I've heard around town, links to my latest column, links to some humorous sites, theater and movie reviews and a weekly writing prompt for those who want to keep penning their memoirs. I'm sure as this blog develops, there will be more topics. But for now…

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